Recommendations on foot wear on what type of path.

On the Tarmac and Hard Paths a stout pair of shoes is recommended as there are parts on which puddles form due to leaves collecting against the fencing.

On the Woodland paths and the White Cart Walkway, waterproof boots is recommended due to the puddles, and small streams which flow over (and some times along) the paths.

The tarmac paths and Zig-Zag are suitable for prams, older folk.

Bicyclists PLEASE be sensible about speed.

Some of the fences in Linn Park defy description. Imagine putting up a fence where it is safer NOT to have one: and then erecting it such a manner that it is unsafe: and putting it such a place as to deny people access to one of the most scenically popular paths and force people to use a path in very poor condition - so please be careful !

Tarmac Paths & Roads

There are sets of two tarmac paths one going East West, and the other North South.

  • East West - Across the park from the Clarkston Road entrance to the Golf Course car park; from the White Bridge splits in two sections one going each side of the Mansion House. The part from the mansion House to the Golf Club is in effect a single track road with passing places, speed bumps and a FIVE mile and hour speed limit.
  • North South - From the Snuff Mill Bridge to the Pine Wood where it joins the above, with two spurs forming the "triangle" to the Seil Drive entrance.
A stout pair of shoes is recommended as there are parts on which puddles form due to leaves collecting against the fencing - well that used to be the case till the erection of the new so called vandal proof fence: the works included shovelling all the debris on the path and under the new fence towards the river, creating an effective barrier - so when it rains we now have lakes to wade through.

Suitable for prams and older folk - but only when its dry ! Bicyclists PLEASE be sensible about speed. The official rules specify a 5 mile per hour limit. In the winter ensure that any lights point to the ground NOT up into walker's faces.

Hard Paths

There is framework of hard paths as follows:

  • The White Cart Walkway along the West Bank of the River. It is spit conveniently into two parts:
    • From the Snuff Mill bridge to the White Bridge which has a large number of steps - some 220, and
    • From the White Bridge to Stamperland, with steps behind the Netherlee playing fields.
  • The Zig-Zag path which goes across the fields from behind the Mansion House, then round the top wood and back through the wood around the stables. There is a spur down to Drakemire Drive, and thence into the Castlemilk Woods.

Woodland Paths

For walking the woodland paths, a good pair of walking boots, preferably waterproof when it is wet. These paths are NOT suitable for prams, and preferably not mountain bikes which make the mud worse.

  • Several in and around the pine wood,
  • Heading south (upstream) on the eastern (park side) side of the river from the White Bridge,
  • From the highest point (near the trig point, near the eighth tee on the golf course)
    • down to the pine wood
    • down into the top wood
  • From the Seil drive entrance left adjacent to Linnview Avenue to the Golf Course Club House.

Children's Path below the Stables [now over grown]

Some years ago, the paths in the woods surrounding the stables were improved and upgraded with steps, and a whole lot of carvings. The paths were upgraded by the Princes Trust including building a small bridge, and a whole lot of figures were carved from tree stumps.

A fairy circle exists at one end, and to the lower western is a meeting point with a long bench carved out of a fallen tree.

Regrettably, the current council management have decided to allow the wood to deteriorate and the path is hardly accessible.

However, many of the carvings are still there. This character is standing in front of a tree ... well where is he ? He is adopted as the "mascot" for this web site.

There any many other carvings around.