From the White Bridge, the White cart Walkway continues to Stamperland - route - where there is a narrow entrance to the park from the housing estate at Monteith Drive just south of the turning into Cromarty Gardens between two houses.


It is a mostly attractive walk along the river ... once past the park boundary wall the path runs between the river on one side with a rather tasteless fence to the flats on the other which is accompanied by flood lights which do nothing for security and are an eyesore from elsewhere in the park.

Various residents have tried to make the aspect more amenable - climbing plants along the fence, and a prodigious number of daffodils in spring. There was once a honey suckle climbing to the first floor which was removed after some fifteen years.

However one is now in land managed by East Renfrewshire and the path is relatively well maintained. Passing the flats [but don't climb up the side of the fence as that is private ground] there are three sets of steps up the bank. There are various paths including a short spur toward the river side where the remains of a weir can be seen.

These woods are also a great place where you can often see birds of prey - true, and mostly unexpected. 

Once up the steps continue south up river towards Stamperland along the paved road under the trees. Raspberries and Blackberries abound in season. Squirrels of course, and various small birds can often be seen. Once you reach the end you can walk down the path to the left around and down by the river - and then along the river bank to the entrance. Herons can often be seen here in the early evening in spring and autumn.