A loop walk from the White Bridge to the Netherton Braes, where at the top of the hill there is a Communications tower beside the old World War 2 Ack Ack battery.

This walk is somewhat longer than most of the ones for which a route map has been made. It is best in the Summer when it is hot as a lot of it is under the trees.

The best route out is up and across the meadow, then through the Linn Cemetery.

If you are taking a dog with you PLEASE keep it under close control.

At the far end of the Cemetery, enter the woods between some large rocks [placed there to stop vandals and cars]. Follow what is a mixture of old farm roads, and some walker's paths down to the Bailey Bridge opposite the Overlee Playing Fields. From there on it is a scramble up the hill [there are some steps] to the old Television Tower, now used for Mircrowave Communications.

The return journey is easier: follow the farm road and then take the path through the woods down to cross Lainshaw Drive. Then back via the Top Wood and down the meadow.

The route is shown here.

One can often see Roe deer in the woods - there is quite a reasonable population.

Here are some photos from our walks. The first were taken on 25th July 2012.

The next walk was in February 2013.

Followed by one on 19th June 2013. Note the two photos with a deer - just after the photo of the wind turbine.

And the last time when photos wwere taken was on 9th July 2014. The weir is just upstream from the Bailey Bridge, and as can be seen it is used for crossing the river. The weir is used for measuring the water flow in [or "gauging"] the river. The records are held by the National River flow Archive, and can be viewed here: https://nrfa.ceh.ac.uk/data/station/meanflow/84030. The records for the last few days are available from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency at http://apps.sepa.org.uk/waterlevels/default.aspx?sd=t&lc=133118