There are a number of wood carvings in Linnpark. All of them were created by Sculptor Robert Coia. He is based in Pollok Park in the old sawmill beside the weir over which the White Cart river flows - the same one as flows through Linnpark.

And this is the one which has been adopted by the Gentlemen's Walking Club to symbolise Linnpark.

You can also find him on Facebook - but you need to be logged in: he has two pages, one for himself, and one for his sculptures.

So where are they in Linpark ? Two places:

  • By the playground behind [to the east] of the mansion House which has the Commonwealth Games carving of a palm tree - tho it was erected a bit late for that, and,
  • All around the wood behind and below the stables. These carvings are of woodland people, animals, and other things, including:
    • The druidic man who feaures on the Linnpark Facebook page
    • Squirrels
    • Huge Toad Stools
    • Snakes and the like

Here are some photos.