Life is often strange

The end of Autumn is when Christmas approaches, and one thinks of Winter, and what to write about Linn Park.

This time the writing of the Winter article has proved somewhat different; simply put, life was disrupted when one of us had his third major heart attack. Nothing strange in that, having had two previous ones. But it is the impact - not only on the patient, but more importantly on close friends and partners.

The most important thing is to be fit when one suffers a heart attack [in medical terms a Myocardial Infarction]. See wikipedia for more. And that of course is where Linn Park comes in. It has a number of vital ingredients to survival and to recovery.

The changing seasons give on an idea of the inherent beauty of Linn Park - which fortunately does NOT have to be maintatined by Glasgow's Parks Department. Thanks to Adan MacCormick for this video showing these changes.

As It is a place where wildlife - especailly the bird life, including the river birds - take on an especial importance, one can take strength from their survival instincts.

Thanks to Mhairi McClair for the above.

On a more practical level, there are actually relativley level parts of the park, as well a steeper parts, and if one is lucky enough to live nearby, there are walks which one can take which go only down hill or along the level - when one can arrange a lift back to the top.

So the story of November 8th and 9th 2017 - end of Autumn - when we talk about the Winter article. As usual on a Wednesday we met at the Snuff Mill Bridge and started slowly toward the White Bridge warming the heart up [having had two Heart Attacks, in the manner taught at rehab classes]. We delivered some mail to flats in Netherlee, and headed back to the Old Smiddy for a well deserved pint. Then home for supper. Read a chapter of my book, and bed.

0430, and up to the loo. Fall over; NOT good. Go to the loo, back and fall on my bed. Heart Attack in progress. 999 and key word Cardiac. Ambulance arrives in under 10 minutes. And off to Hairmyres for the second time. In the lab by 0530, and my third stenting takes place. All well so far. Then the heart takes umbridge, and ..... I wake up the following Wednesday evening in Intensive Care and see the lady in my life, escorted by my pal who normally writes these words. Eight days later I am allowed home.

Now to recover: But the damage to the heart is substantial. Ouch. Be POSITIVE. New response to the question "How are you ?": "I'm Alive !".

Engage the brain, and start looking for flat places to walk: hey presto - round the top wood. And to get there, walk gently up from the Golf Club car park, avoiding the climb up Old Castle Road. Over an hour for the first outing, and the second under forty minutes. Next project: add a map to show the route ! Another good place is the Scottish Wildlife Trust Cathkin Marshes Nature Reserve. It's a nice flat walk about a mile round the marsh - and I have to say, as an Engineer, it shows you what can be done with a rubbish tip !

And it's all down hill to the Old Smiddy, to meet at the Snuff Mill Bridge for a small foray into the park along the river before a pint. Exercise is what counts, in a controlled manner.

Meanwhile, Thanks to Aileen Milne: