A Late Winter’s Day

On a clear late winter’s day with early frost on the grass crunching under foot, we walk up the hill towards the top wood. In the West the setting sun is turning the sky glorious shades of yellow and gold. Absorbed, enchanted; we stand and look until the sky starts to darken, before walking on along the quiet evening footpaths of the park.

Wandering these ways, tucked up against winter’s cold, the darkening sky starts to fill with a thousand stars. What a pleasure it is to wander here with a like-minded friend. With the murmuring sound of the nearby river it seems that we can almost hear crackle of blue starlight.

Onwards we wander, exchanging a few words of low whisper as we go, afraid that we will disturb the serenity of these sacred moments of peacefulness. Breathing the pure night air, minds at rest, bodies safe and warm, tonight we roam beyond the restraining net of human consequence.

Along these dark pathways
far from the noise of the day –
peace found in natures tranquillity.