Summer 2019

Strolling along the earthen paths on the banks of the River Cart, the early morning air is cool and fragrant.

At this time on a summer’s morning when there is no one else around, the only sounds to be heard are those of singing birds, gently moving waters and the hushed rustle of leaves blown by a gentle breeze. Here in this haven of peace there is an almost tangible sense of calmness, which creates a deep feeling of serenity within. Ambling along at this time of the day one recognises how very little we need to experience true happiness. A little food, some light summer clothing, a roof over our heads, friends and the willingness to leave ourselves open to the beauty that surrounds us; this is all we need.

Ah; the fleeting tranquil pleasures of an early summer morning, just strolling along without a care in the wild of Linn Park.

Thanks to Patricia for this lovely photo of the sun in the trees.

And thanks to Alisdiar for these great pictures - sun and the river in spate.