Summer 2018

Abundant clouds
flowers reaching full bloom,
fragrant green leaves
a gentle cool breeze.


Free and easy wandering, there is such a relaxed feeling about this time of the year when the pace of life runs a little slower. During the gentler weeks of summer it seems easier, more natural, to find pleasure in the simpler things of life; an intimate sigh on the merest hint of a summer’s breeze. Body relaxed, mind content, life’s cares forgotten for a while wandering the rustic banks of the White Cart. Or meandering lazily beside the flowering meadow of the hill while watching the summer swallows dip and swoop. Who would not be relaxed, as life’s stresses melt away and you’re mind blends into the mood of the park.

In the early morning, when no one else is around, is the time I love the best. The roar of busy Clarkston Road is muted by tall trees until the only sounds to be heard are those of singing birds, gently moving waters and the hushed rustle of fresh green leaves. Now our park in a haven of peace and its quiet calmness, brings a feeling of deep serenity within. The flash of a speeding kingfisher searching for an early morning snack, the plaintive call of a buzzard flying high overhead, crystals of dew still clinging to bright green leaves and wild flowers blooming everywhere, all of these things, bring a sense of the beauty that nature bestows on us all.

Outside of the park busy people rush to get from place to place, but in this quiet wooded place a whispered invitation, to relax and stay awhile.

From what tree’s
blossoming, I do not know,
but oh, its sweet scent