Summer is here - June 2014

Foxglove in the top woodUp and out in an early summer’s morning. Already flowers are opening to welcome the sun, photosynthesis notches up a gear and another summer’s day starts. There is a hush about such a morning, not silence, but rather it is like the noises of the world are attenuated, muted, the new day tempting us to take things a little easier, inviting us to go with the natural flow of things as the warmth of the sun increases. These are the days when trees grow in height and girth, seeds form and become plump; the whole world of nature blooms and revels in the strengthening of the sun’s rays.

Spring’s patchwork of green hues have merged into a uniform green stain that now covers hill, meadow and the banks of the gently flowing waters of the White Cart. The white and yellow of spring’s flowers have been replaced with a garland of the more brightly coloured wild and cultured flowers of summer. It seems that the whole of nature is putting on a show; one day more extravagant than the last.

The Meadow below the Top WoodHave you ever walked in the Linn Park’s summer meadow? Wild flowers abound there; their scent fills the air and their colour dazzles the eye. The beauty of the meadow, the whole landscape that you walk through, is no grand display or dramatic expression of what nature can do rather, what lies before you is like an intimate sigh; the merest hint of a breeze on a summer’s day.

During the gentler weeks of summer it seems easier, more natural, to find pleasure in the simpler things of life. At times such as this life can itself become like an intimate sigh on the merest hint of a summer’s breeze. Body relaxed, mind content, life’s cares forgotten for a while on the beautiful banks of the Cart, or in the flowering summer meadow below the Linn’s top woods; who would not be relaxed, as life’s stresses melt away.

Ah! the fleeting calm pleasures of a summer morning in this haven.

With brilliant greens and cascading colours, the season moves relentlessly on towards high summer before, imperceptibly at first, another change starts and the greens turn to gold and brown.