Spring 2015

In spring sleep, dawn arrives unnoticed.
Suddenly, all around, I hear birds in song.

Meng Hao-jan

Spring Flowers - Easter 2015

At this time in the morning before the world of human beings awake, the glow from the coming sunrise is already starting to lighten the sky, starting to fade the brightness of the night’s moon. In the quiet of the early morning the air is filled with the exuberance of bird song, which only enriches the fragrance of a new day - spring.

Dawn, the first of the sun’s rays come raking across the fields and woods of the park transforming well known paths into a mosaic of light and shade. Droplets of dew shine crystal clear on the fresh green buds of the trees, as the sun continues to inch ever higher into the sky. What a way to start a new day, a cascade of sound, colour and warmth, in this haven which is Linn Park, what could equal this? Countless shades of green abound as new leaves burst forth from the highest tree to the smallest of ground plant, each leaf reaching towards the strengthening power of the sun. From the bright yellow of the early spring flowers that boarder the main path that leads from Clarkston Road, to the white wood anemones of the woodland, life is at last adding colour to bleak winter ground.

In the park everywhere is overflowing with new life. Even the River Cart seems different this beautiful morning. The foam and eddies shinning and glistening as bubbling water tumbles continuously on its way. Turbulent one moment and then silvery smooth the next and already the trees, bushes and other plants that line the banks of the river, elegantly add to the splendour of it all.

Spring in the park; like a delicate fragrance it infuses all of the senses and creates a sense of peacefulness within, especially at a time such as this, and on a day such as this.