Wings in White Clouds
It's Autumn

Like a string of sparkling diamonds, drops of dew cling to filaments of a spider’s web, the dawn’s new sun colours the trees with its crystal light and white clouds leisurely travel across a clear blue sky; this is the wealth that lies in the path of a drifting visitor here.

Misty grasses, quiet river waters; it’s autumn. In the morning breeze trees along the river bank start to drop their leaves into the flowing water, cold ducks lazily paddle upstream and summer birds have left for warmer climes. After the frantic activity of spring and the easy days of summer all life is now starting to wind down and I too unhurried, take my time as I wander these paths through this beautiful, but sometimes melancholy, season of the year.

Among all of this I pass quietly and at peace with the world; how I love the idle solitude found in slow days like this. Faint at first a familiar call from the sky above, their wings in white clouds, a perfect skein of geese from the colder countries of the north fly high overhead. Captivated, where are they going? Perhaps to the mudflats of the Solway Firth or further south to Morecambe Bay, but as their flightpath passes above the place we love to walk, for a few fleeting delightful minutes, they are ours.

Slowly as the days pass, the autumn wind grows stronger, colder. Blowing the golden leaves from the trees, scattering dew from the grasses of field and meadow, before long the first frost will appear and the long sigh of the season, will transform into the quiet months ahead. But for now with wild and free geese flying above and leaves of yellow, gold and brown to greet me on a day’s new dawn, I am happy to be embraced, by this most beautiful and mellow season.

On this quiet path
harsh words are rarely heard -
early autumn breeze.

Some lovely Autumn photographs by Aileen Milne