Autumn in Linn Park

In the morning breeze trees along the river bank start to drop their leaves into the flowing water – autumn is arriving. The river Cart enfolds the autumn colours the evening sun brightens the reds of the trees.

Soft fragrant woodland path
autumn breezes sigh through trees
what contentment is found here.

A chill springs up as rain passes, autumn gets deeper, the days grow shorter and the wind becomes cooler and stronger. The remaining leaves are blown from the trees and fall to the ground to decay and enrich the soil, ready to feed the new growth of next year’s spring. They cloak the paths with a rich kaleidoscope of colour, of russet brown, gold and yellow, each leaf a reflection of the tree from which it came. Pick up one or two to place between the pages of a well loved book; a lasting memory of the sheer beauty that autumn brings to all; a token of the life that exists all around here, beyond the normal matters of daily life.

Grey clouds scud across the autumn sky and everywhere nature is preparing for the coming of winter. Summer birds have left for warmer climes while those who overwinter here are arriving, from even colder countries. Small animals are busy foraging and storing food for harder times and native birds are settling-in, ready for the leaner months that are to come. And then eventually, after all of the comings and goings, there remain only those who will share the darker colder days of winter together, next to us.