Aspects of Autumn - 2013

Turning seasons, summer goes unnoticed, the days slowly shorten and little by little the gentle summer breeze becomes cooler, summer’s warmth giving way to the coming of autumn.

There is a quiet sense of peacefulness to an early autumn morning walk in the Linn Park. The many shades of brown, copper, gold and yellow that mantle the trees are vibrant and dazzling. The sound of the waters of the river Cart add to the sense of quietness that surrounds one as you wander along and allow the chattering demands of the coming day to simply drift away, for a little while.

Even in the field above the White Cart there is still a flush of small yellow flowers, a lingering reflection of summer; one season blending into the next.

As the leaves start to fall they create, in the early morning sun, a magnificent carpet of colour on which to stroll. What could be better than this? Tucked up warmly against the cooling wind, you are watching the world of nature starting to slow down as it awaits the first frosts of winter. The old is being elegantly swept away in readiness for winter. How well nature does this, the ending of the old in preparation for the coming of the new, part of the perpetual cycle of growth and renewal.

Walking here along earthen paths in the early morning, it is as if you are a part of it all: autumn in Linn Park, a beautiful wild place, in the midst of suburban Glasgow.

Turn your sound on and listen to this fabulous compilation from Graeme Cumming.