An Autumn Morning - 2014

Peace at the Waterfall

I look forward to autumn mornings, misty mornings that soften shapes and mute sounds, mornings that have a sense of mystery about them, times when even the familiar can look other worldly and magical.  Autumn, this enigmatic season is like no other.

Slowly, with the coming of cooler winds, autumn’s change subtly creeps above the horizon of the turning seasons, and the world of nature starts to alter and slow down.  The hectic burgeoning of spring and the long days of summer are being replaced with the bounty that is the harvest of early autumn.  And then as morning sun illuminates the fields and woodland of the park the brilliant hues of autumn’s colours celebrate nature’s last glorious flourish.

What a pleasure it is to be out in an early autumn morning, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and the feeling of cool pure mist on the face, seems to bring one into physical contact with the very essence of this season.  The river Cart runs more slowly in these days before heavy winter rain, its surface waters clear and still reflecting the changing colours along their banks.  Here the smell of river water, fungi, damp earth and pine combine to create the woody, resinous and earthy signature of the weeks before the onset of winter.  Breathe deeply and let the mind immerse itself in the moment of a present created by the unique fragrance of the season for soon, it will be gone, chased away by the freezing fingers of the coming winter.

But for now there is a quiet sense of serenity to an early autumn morning; the shades of brown, copper, gold and yellow that mantle the trees are vibrant and dazzling – turning seasons in Linn Park, autumn awaits the coming of winter.

And some lovely photographs from Chris Everett: