Busby (WCI) Angling Association - Some History

The Busby AA has been in existence since the early 1960s, and until 1993, held the fishing rights for some two miles of the White Cart Water. It now extends to seven miles (middle stretch) of the White Cart Water from Waterfoot downstream to Crookston. Also four miles (lower stretch) of the Leven Water from Gateside/Barrhead to Crookston (all tributaries).

Due to the return of the salmon to the Clyde System in 1983, the Crown Estates claimed sole riparianship, for salmon and sea trout. As there were no recognisable salmon fishing proprietors, however, and due directly to some individuals of angling associations and clubs, who had voluntarily looked after the upper, middle and lower stretches of the Clyde itself and its tributaries, the Crown Estates (after a public meeting) agreed to give salmon fishing rights to a new organisation called the River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust Limited: a company limited by guarantee and having no share capital. The Trust immediately set about sub letting small block of fishing rights to every angling association or club in the Clyde System that had been constituted and had a history of voluntarily looking after their waters. In 1990 I made contact with the RCFMT and after a couple of years in 1993 we agreed to take on a sub Crown Salmon Lease as members of the Trust and we still hold this lease 25-years later.

There are many people who think that because the White Cart Water runs through the Linn Park, which is a "public park" [although it is owned directly by Glasgow City Council] that it is okay for them to fish without first buying a permit: this is simply not true.

Where salmon, sea or brown trout are present, the Law of Scotland stipulates that you must have legal right (ie such as a landowner with provable right) or permission to do so e.g. a permit. The Law of Scotland also stipulates, as a matter of further interest, 'that even if you have had access for 40-years or more, this still does not give you the right to fish therein'. So, ultimately, the vast majority of folk who wish to fish the White Cart Water require a permit before the proceedings to fish - in most cases if they do not have a permit they are committing a civil offence however in others they will be committing a criminal offence.

About Permits - What you need to know. 

  • Fishing is by permit only,
  • The permits are issued under the authority of the Busby Angling Association,
  • Permits can be purchased from:
    • Tackle and Guns in Shawlands.
      • Address: 920 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 2ET
      • Phone: 0141 632 2005
    • Cathcart Mini Market in Cathcart.
      • Address: 39 Clarkston Rd, Glasgow G44 3BQ
      • Phone: 0141 637 2516
    • Village News in Busby
      • Address: 14 Main St, Busby, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G76 8DU
      • Phone: 0141 644 1530
    • The Cartvale [Bar] in Clarkston
      • Address: 27 Main Street, Clarkston, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G76 8DS
      • Phone: 07798 702958
    • Mr. Roderick Robert Finnie, Secretary, Busby (White Cart Improvement) Angling Association
      • Address: Flat 2/1, 14 Brisbane Street, Cathcart, Glasgow G44.
      • Phone: 07904 332868 (Mobile – evenings best)

What fish can be caught and when

  • Salmon and Sea Trout
    • 11th February and 31st October: both dates inclusive except when they fall on Sundays.
  • Brown trout.
    • 15th March to 6th October inclusive
  • Coarse Fishing
    • NOT permitted an any time

Permit Costs

Permits are inexpensive and represent excellent value, as follows:

  • For the season as defined above.
    • Working adults - £35,
    • Unworking adults - £20,
    • Senior Citizens - £25,
    • School Children - Currently FREE - PLEASE Note that you will need your parents permission.
    • Juniors - (under 16) - £15
  • For a single day's fishing the cost is just £7.

So there is no excuse, for not being able to afford a permit.

Bailiff's patrol the river. Please note that Scottish Ministers' Appointed Bailiffs have the power of entry, search, seizure and arrest.

Fly Fishing Classes

If you want to take up angling, particularly fly fishing the Association will be happy to teach you - as long as you beome a member. Fly fishing and fly tying classes are available for groups of people such as social project groups. Contact Roddy Finnie on 07904 332 868 for more information.

Questions etc

Mr. Roderick Robert Finnie is the Secretary of the Busby (White Cart Improvement) Angling Association. Any queries should be addressed to him - contact details above.

Roddy Finnie writes:

On the personal front: as a boy that was brought up in Castlemilk from the age of two; the White Cart Water was my first experience of fishing for brown trout (aged 6 or 7) with my uncle John and his friend Charlie. It has remained one of the loves of my life, and in the year 2000, as a want-to-be freelance angling writer, I was given an opportunity to write an article (not more than 2,000 words) for an American online angling magazine: I called my article "Brown Trout From White Water." You can read it by clicking here

A second article "Pike are just a Ryat" is published in the same journal: read it by clicking here.