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Through the midst of the park runs the White Cart Water in a deep valley with steep sides. The lowest point of the park at Snuff Mill bridge is some 30 metres above sea level. The high point on the edge of the woods and golf course is just over 85 metres above sea level. So the park is quite hilly which makes it good for exercise let alone sledging in the winter snows.

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Busby (WCI) Angling Association - Some History

The Busby AA has been in existence since the early 1960s, and until 1993, held the fishing rights for some two miles of the White Cart Water. It now extends to seven miles (middle stretch) of the White Cart Water from Waterfoot downstream to Crookston. Also four miles (lower stretch) of the Leven Water from Gateside/Barrhead to Crookston (all tributaries).

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  • Walking Links
    • Scanned copy of the Cathcart Heritage Trail leaflet published by Glasgow District Council circa 1990. The copy belongs to Robert Paterson a Canadian citizen whose family roots are in Glasgow. A fortunate meeting on Friday 10th June 2011 followed by a pint in the Old Smiddy ensured a copy.
    • The Old Smiddy Pub (Cathcart) - Our Local or on Facebook.

So first of all who are we ?

The answer is simple - a small group of people who love walking in Linn Park, and want to let the world know what a gem it is.

However we do NOT want to go to endless meetings with people who are not real users of the park; we all walk both often and regularly - how often you might ask: once a week as a group of friends, and most of us on a daily basis.

Glasgow City Council own Linn Park and it is managed by the Parks Department. The actual depot with responsibility is to be found in Kings Park.

They are responsible for the upkeep of the park, its furniture - viz bench's and so on, and most importantly the litter bins.

Any comments should be POLITELY phrased, and precise.

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Reporting adverse events

  • If it is serious and possibly criminal - ring the Police on 101, or 999 if it is an emergency. PLEASE advise the emergency services WHICH side of the river you are. We suggest using the words East or Simmshill side, alternatively West or Netherlee Road side.
  • Also please report to the Parks Department,