Linn Park is the greatest place in Glasgow for children of all ages - from prams to those with bikes.

There are four Play Areas:

  • By Netherlee Hall in Linn Park Avenue - with parking,
  • Near the Seil Drive entrance off Old castle Road: NO parking . . .
  • Behind the Mansion House in the park: NO access by car - but a great place for adventurous kids.
  • The Adventure Playground off Netherlee Road [Weekends only] - with plenty of parking.

To see the locations - click here. 


Toilet facilities exist at the Adventure Playground [Weekends only], and at the Linn Park Golf Club.

Play Areas

Seil Drive Entrance

Just near the entrance at the Seil Drive / Old Castle Road junction.

Please do NOT park on the road immediately outside the park gates, nor inside the park.

Seil Drive Play Area

Seil Drive - The Old Climbing Ropes - Now removed

The play area is intended for younger ones.

There used to be a rope climbing tree for older ones - but it has now been completely removed.

ctober 2018 - New Climbing Frame October 2018 - New Climbing Frame

A new climbing frame has recently been installed, tho it is fenced off presumably to allow the new turf to bed in.

Behind the Mansion House

Mansion House Play Area

New Climbing Frame ...

Behind the Mansion House - no swings, but tunnels, sand, and things to balance on.

October 2018 - a new climbing frame added ... 

Near Netherlee Primary School

Netherlee Play Area

From the park, take the White Cart Walkway southwards towards Stamperland, past the flats with galvanised iron posts and link fencing and up the first set of steps ... and you are just about there.

Linn Park Adventure Playground - Weekends ONLY

There is a large public car park, and direct access to the park coming out at the White Bridge.

The playground is open to the public at weekends, and some evenings. Primarily it is a place for disadvantaged children viz those with additional support needs.

Open to members of the general public for their younger chldren from 10 am till 4 pm at weekends. The council web site notes as follows: Member youth clubs run on Thursday and Friday evenings.

View the leaflet here: Adventure Playground Leaflet - edition at August 2018. There is a facebook page as well.

Please telephone 0141 633 1493 for more information.

Nearest Toilets [NOT public]

The nearest places with a toilet for children are:

  • The Linn Park Golf Club
  • The Linn Park Adventure Playground - on Netherlee Road, up the path from the White Bridge. Weekends only. 
  • The Old Smiddy public house in Old Castle Road - in dire emergencies ... also great for food - children allowed during the day until 8pm.

Please note that none of these are Public Conveniences.