As the Wood Anemone and Lesser Celandine begin to fade, the woods are now carpeted with waves of Ramsons coming into bloom and flavouring the air with garlic. Above the wood, next to Linn Cemetery the few Flowered Garlic replaces Ramsons, this naturalised garden escape originally from Iran, seems to like this spot.

In other areas the bluebell show is beginning with the misty blue highlighting against the fresh spring colours.

As you walk along the path from the White Bridge to Snuffmill, Garlic Mustard is starting to flower. After it had finished flowering, it continues to stretch up eventually becoming a tall spindly plant by mid summer. Another large plant flourishing beside the path is the Pyrenean Valerian which will also shoot up after flowering as it goes to seed.

On the banks under the woods there Wood Speedwell, Thyme-leaved Speedwell, Barren Strawberry, Primrose and Yellow Pimpernel. Red Campion and Sanicle are just coming into flower.

In damper areas Cuckooflower (Lady's Smock) is in flower. It's worth checking the flower stems for the orange egg of the Orange Tipped Butterfly whose caterpillars love these plants. The scientific name for Cuckooflower is Cardamine pratensis and the butterfly is Anthocharis cardamines which shows this strong connection.

Under the trees in lighter shade Dog’s Mercury is in full flower – not that you would notice them but adjacent plants have male and females flowers which are clearly different. Also under the trees there are clumps of Tuberous Comfrey and Fringecups which will take over in some areas over the next few weeks.

May is a great month in Linn Park!