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The information presented in this section about trees, flowers and other plants found in Linn Park has kindly been provided by the "Hatted Botanist". If you have any pictures of plants and trees from Linn Park that you would him to try and identify please email him and he'll have a try. Especially ones which aren't described here ...


Clovers are a ubiquitous flower of the grass bank and heath, recognisable in white, pink blush, deeper red through to mauve. There are over 20 different clovers in the UK but the main ones we see in Linn are the white and red clover.

 Snowdrop - Galanthus Nivali

The first sign that winter is coming to an end for me is when the snowdrops appear. Thirty-two years ago I was told that the snow always falls on the snowdrops and it’s held true since and again this year [2015].


Found in the south west corner of the top wood usually.

Brambles (Blackberries)

The Brambles or Blackberries in Linn Park are on the edge of woods. The fruit are ripe usually by late August into September - but despite the weather there seem to be some ready.

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